The Tragic Changes of Mr Saad’s Life

Creation  2012

A stage performance
written by Hossein Tavazoni-Zadeh  & directed by Ehsan Shayanfard 

Hossein Tavazoni-Zadeh
Katayoun Saleki
Mehdi Gharehjehdaghi
Matin Farsi
Sahar Abdollahzadeh

Assistant Director
Sahar  Abdollahzadeh

Matin Farsi

Aida Yadollahi, Sanaz Dariae, & Mohammad Karbasyeh

Public performance
Arasbaran Complex, Samimi Mofakham Hall
October & November 2012 


The play narrates the life of Saad, a young man who is kept at a private psychiatric house. Based on his limited access to the outside world through the window of his room, he paints a picture of his interwoven illusions, imagination, and observation.

The performance revolves around the sense of otherness in a society that dictates its standards on its members. In his monologue, the leading character hopelessly tries to find a middle ground between his desires and the imposed norms. Through a nostalgic depiction of the grey milieu around him, Saad questions his very nostalgia and the sense of belonging to what shapes this world.

Awards and Nominations

At Tehran Shamseh Theatre Festival (2012)


Iranian Theatre Director's Association (2013)

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