Parallel Drops

Creation 2022-2023

A documentary stage performance/artistic research by
Hossein Tavazoni-zadeh


This project takes shape through two rounds of interviews conducted with a diverse group of participants from Europe and the MENA region. Our goal is to delve into their imaginative world, exploring how they perceive themselves and their 'other', particularly in relation to their surrounding built environment. The first phase was held at the Grand Theatre Groningen in October 2022,  with artists Amir Komelizadeh, Vida Kashani, Nina Van der Woude, Ghenwa Abou Fayad, and Roza Kootstra. 

The initial phase of the project was presented by Hossein Tavazoni-Zadeh & Sanaz Afshin at the Taking Part Symposium: Participatory Practices in Arts and Heritage, hosted by the Research Centre for Arts and Society (ICOG) on June 15, 2023.