The Tragic Changes of Mr Saad’s Life

Creation  2012

A stage performance written by Hossein Tavazoni-zadeh & directed by Ehsan Shayanfard 


The play narrates the life of Saad, a young man who is kept at a private psychiatric house. Based on his limited access to the outside world through the window of his room, he paints a picture of his interwoven illusions, imagination, and observation.

The performance revolves around the sense of otherness in a society that dictates its standards on its members. In his monologue, the leading character hopelessly tries to find a middle ground between his desires and the imposed norms. Through a nostalgic depiction of the grey milieu around him, Saad questions his very nostalgia and the sense of belonging to what shapes this world.

Hossein Tavazoni-zadeh
Katayoun Saleki
Mehdi Gharehjehdaghi
Matin Farsi
Sahar Abdollahzadeh

Assistant Director
Sahar  Abdollahzadeh

Matin Farsi

Aida Yadollahi, Sanaz Dariae, & Mohammad Karbasyeh

Public performance
Arasbaran Complex, Samimi Mofakham Hall
October & November 2012 

Awards and Nominations

At Tehran Shamseh Theatre Festival (2012)


Iranian Theatre Director's Association (2013)

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