Theatre II: History & Theory
Arts in Practice: Theatre  (coordinator)

Adaptation Theory and Practice

Thesis Supervision
The academic year 2023-2024

During ten days of rehearsal at the Théâtre National Populaire Villeurbanne (TNP) thirty professional actors worked with six guest directors, including Hossein Tavazoni-Zadeh. As a research laboratory, ‘memory(s)’ was the theme of this edition of "Les Rencontres internationales de mise en scène"

The participants of each group presented the result of their collective work on September 30, at Salle Vilar in TNP.  Finally, a public conference on the employed methods by the directors closed this edition of RIMES on October 1.

This course was designed for the co-creation of a final performance by the students. The outcome of this process was shared with the public at VRIJDAG (Prinsentheater) on Friday 27th May 2022.

This workshop is part of a two-week program where artists from Iran and France will explore the potential of the actor-self at the Maajara Film School. The workshops will be hosted by artists and researchers such as Jean-Yves Ruf, Olivier Lopez, Anne Sée, Thomas Germaine, Fabrice Adde, Felix Lefebvre, Ali Mosaffa, Behnam Behzadi, Amir Sharifi and …

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Workshop on "The Sense of Place in Site-Specific Performances"
August & September 2019

From September 4, Pichazi Art House will be hosting “The Sense of Place in Site-Specific Performances,” a workshop by Hossein TavazoniZadeh. For more information see the contact information below.

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+98 2166403942 / +98 9365551725

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Pichazi Art House: No. 3, Goudarz St, Razi St, Jomhouri St, TehranGoudarz St, Razi St, Jomhouri St, Tehran. 

Tehran, Iran

Workshop on "Site-specific Performances"
At the 9th Theatre Festival of Soore University
February 2018

In this one-week-long workshop, the participants will practice employing different parts of the Soore University buildings for making short site-based performances. This will be along with discussing the relevant theories on architecture and performance art. From February 20 to 25, the workshop will be held as part of the 9th Theatre Festival of Soore University. 

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+98 9391193781

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